About Sylvan Gardens Landscaping

Experience. Innovation. Service.

Our mission is to provide strong customer service at a fair price. We work closely and cooperatively with our customers to design, install and manage the highest-quality landscapes.

Sylvan Gardens Landscaping is owned and operated by native Pittsburgh residents who are committed to the region and understand the vegetation and geological features unique to the region. We are devoted to the principles of small business and committed to ensuring that all customers and employees are treated respectfully and equitably.

Our management staff has a combined 45 years of experience in landscape design and maintenance. We’re honest, hard-working people for whom quality service is a point of pride. We’d love to work with you next.

Brian Friend, General Manager

Sylvan Gardens Landscaping is owned and operated by Brian Friend, a commercial landscaping professional with 20 years of experience. Brian is a native Pittsburgh resident who attended Penn State University and earned a BS Landscape Contracting. He has worked for national and regional landscape maintenance companies in New Jersey, Chicago and Pittsburgh since 1998. Brian is a hands-on owner with 15 years of professional experience in the landscape management profession. Brian is also a Certified Landscape Technician of the (PLANET) Professional Landcare Network.

John Friend, Operations Manager

John is a 2012 graduate from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Landscape Contracting Design.

Dating back to 2006, John has worked for various landscape and green industry companies throughout the Pittsburgh region. 

Before joining Sylvan Gardens in fall 2012, he worked for The Penn State Center in Pittsburgh, serving as an aid to designing sustainable landscapes throughout urban neighborhoods. 

John has worked at The Brickman Group, Keystone Turf Products and Valleycrest Golf Course Maintenance along with his independent design work as a landscape contractor. John oversees the design/installation and detail crews and finds great enjoyment in working directly with customers, prospective clients, and current clients to improve landscapes.