Design & Installation Process

A step-by-step guide


The following is a step by step guide of exactly what to expect from us when going this route to inquire about our Design/Installation services.

Before a landscape project comes to fruition, there are many steps that need to be taken to ensure the satisfaction of the client. We will highlight those steps here and illustrate what to expect when dealing with Sylvan Gardens during a design/installation project.

A: Client- Site Analysis

Sylvan Gardens will conduct Site- Analysis over the phone to determine goals of the landscape project. Once this information is gathered, a Site Meeting will be scheduled.

B: Site Meeting with Client

  1. Review site and potential scope of project
  2. Determine if a design is necessary to clearly estimate and propose project to client.
  3. Discuss design fees based on scope of project
  4. Review current installation backlog and projected start date (backlogs are typically 3-8 weeks depending on scope of work)
  5. Perform Site Inventory and Analysis to locate the following:
    • Focal areas, Lines of Sight
    • Cardinal Directions (N/S/E/W) Sunrise & sunset
    • Grade, terrain, runoff
    • Condition of plants
    • Irrigation
    • Prop/Easement Lines
    • Utilities (gas,water, etc) Call PA-1 call
    • Soil testing
    • Pests / deer

C: Schematic Design/Master Plan

Develop a master plan for the landscape that defines the project scope and cost of installation. The Master Plan will be generated based on the client feedback and the designers’ interpretation of site goals.

The corresponding design as agreed upon by client and Sylvan Gardens.

D: Design and Proposal Presentation

Sylvan Gardens will schedule an onsite meeting review Design and Proposal. Client feedback will be taken and the plan/proposal will be refined to narrow in on scope of work/budget. Phasing options will be outlined if necessary.

E: Scheduling/Installation

Scheduling of work will commence when contracts are signed along with a deposit of 30% of the project cost.  At this point, materials will be gathered and labor reserved for your project.   Communication will happen throughout the installation phase to ensure a smooth implementation of the master plan. As projects evolve and the master plan becomes visible, change orders can often occur that will need to be discussed.  They may vary from simple spacing adjustments of plants to unforeseen issues.  We will communicate these opportunities and issues if they arise.

BEFORE Floberg Residential Yard
A backyard landscape in one of Pittsburgh’s east side neighborhoods, as seen before custom design and installation.

F: Project Closeout

At the end of the project we will review the installation to determine its completeness and quality, and advise you of the appropriate care.

The final product after consultation, design and details have been agreed upon.